PSEG Pool Pump Rebates

Right now for a limited time get a combined total of  $950.00 in rebates, per pump, by installing a new Energy Star© Pump and start big savings on your electric bill !  Here’s how………….

Pool Rite, Inc. is a Public Service Electric & Gas Long Island authorized dealer & installer of Energy Efficient Pool Pumps.

According to PSEG Long Island your old style Single Speed pool pump’s average electric cost per season is $530.99*

A new Energy Star© Variable Speed swimming pool pump’s average electric cost per season is only $61.82*.  

This provides you with a seasonal savings of  $469.17

A new Energy Efficient Pool Pump will save on your electric bill and pay for itself generally in less than 3 years.  Public Service Electric & Gas is offering a substantial rebate to homeowner’s who upgrade to an Energy Efficient Pump.

What is the PSE&G Efficient Swimming Pool Pump Program?
Public Service Electric and Gas has identified swimming pool pumps as an opportunity for energy efficiency and savings.

Inefficient pool pumps are considered a significant waste of energy and therefore a prime target for replacement with newer, more energy efficient models. While energy efficient pool pumps may initially cost more, customers will see a return on their investment through significant energy savings over the life of the unit.

How can I save money by upgrading my pool pump?
Energy efficient pool pumps are available with motors that have a variety of speeds. These types of pumps give you the option of pumping water at very low speeds to conserve energy, or at higher speeds to clean your pool quickly. By running the pool pump slowly for a longer period of time, the pool gets cleaner while using less energy.

Why does slowing down the water save pump costs?
When using the low speed of the two-speed or variable speed pool pumps, the water moves slower and reduces friction in the system piping. Reduced friction decreases back pressure in the system. As a result, the pump motor works less. A motor that works less uses less energy, and it takes less energy to keep water moving in a pool after the pump has been started, rather than starting and stopping the pump.

What pool pumps are eligible for the PSE&G rebates?
Most brands of energy star variable speed swimming pool pumps are eligible. All pumps must be installed by a PSE&G Participating Dealer/Installer, who will be listed on the PSE&G Web site upon completion and submission of their signed Letter of Agreement. All eligible pool pumps must be equipped with an eligible internal or external controller to qualify, as stated below:

  • Pool pump motor control must have the capability of operating at a minimum of two speeds. The control’s default circulation speed setting shall be no more than one-half of the motor’s maximum rotation rate. Any high speed override capability shall be for a temporary period not to exceed one 24-hour cycle without resetting to default settings.

Who is eligible to receive these rebates?
Any customer that has an electric account with PSE&G is eligible. The rebate is good for both retrofit and new construction swimming pool pumps.  The additional rebates are only for south fork residents (east of the Shinnecock canal).

Savings is based on a four-month operating season at $0.195/kWh

   What are the 2018 Homeowner rebate amounts?

  • $350.00 Rebate on Energy Star© variable-speed pool pumps
  • $600.00 additional rebates currently available as of 7/16/18*
  • Rebates are for residential pools only (must be on a residential PSEG rate).
  • Purchases/installations must be made between 7/16/18 – 11/30/18* 
  • *rebate program subject to change or terminate without notice.

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