Weekly Pool Service

Our Weekly Pool Service Package is second to none in the business.

The services we provide on each visit include:
  • Cleaning of skimmers, skimmer baskets, and pump strainer baskets.
  • Skim pool surface water of floating debris
  • Brush & Vacuum your swimming pool
  • Backwash Sand and D.E. filters as required
  • Add Filter Media as required (for D.E. Filters) after backwash
  • Remove, clean and replace Cartridge filters as required
  • Clean waterline tile as necessary
  • Test water chemistry and log readings
  • Supply and application of required chemicals to balance your water chemistry
  • Inspection of pump, filter, heater, timers and all other related swimming pool equipment
  • Salt water swimming pool service includes the above plus;
  • Salinity level measurement and adjustment
  • Chlorine stabilizer measurement and adjustment
  • Periodic inspection & cleaning of the chlorine generator manifold strainer screen
  • Periodic inspection & cleaning of chlorine generator sensor and cell

APSPĀ  Certified Service TechnicianĀ®